Hunting Products made by Hunters for Hunters Cage your Next Buck with BuckCage!!!

BuckCage™ serves to bring together a pair of life philosophies that, until now,
have been at great odds with each other:  hunting and science.  Mountain High
Hunting has engineered a revolutionary product designed to trap any desired
scent of the trophy buck that haunts every hunter's dreams, having CAGED the
power of Super-Absorbent Polymer (SAP) technology. BuckCage™ SUCCEEDS
where lesser products have failed, via complex science, in being able to lure
your next buck, literally, by his NOSE.

The engineering that makes this product able to trap the scent and increase both
longevity and potency is difficult to comprehend, but what is important, simply
put, is that IT JUST DOES. What this means for you, however, can be explained
much more simply, with a single word:  ADVANTAGE.  The trophy whitetail that you
desire LIVES in his environment; YOU DO NOT, and that has been his primary
advantage. . . UNTIL NOW! BuckCage™ will even the odds between you and your
next buck as you strive to Harvest him in your next hunting adventure.

BuckCage™, in addition to being easy to use, is environmentally safe.  This
reusable product is both non-toxic and bio-degradable. Compatible with the scent
of your choice, there is no wick or reservoir to worry about, and the scent can be
changed quickly and easily, without mess.  Order BuckCage™ today and "cage
your next buck" tomorrow!  Up your Odds with the BuckCage™ and make your next hunt

that much more exciting.