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  • Buck Lures by "Nature's Essense" made from 100% pure whitetail urine. 2oz Dominant Buck


    Essence of Whitetail Lure 4different Unique Blends -   2oz Peak Estrus,100% pure urine from our premium doe collected only during the actual 4 days of estrus. 2oz Dominant Buck, When we say Dominant Buck we mean it. Our Dominant Buck is collected from truly large, premium bucks within our herd and only during the rut. 2oz Triple Threat, Our unique formula consisting of two individual doe and a dominant buck. Superb for renewing existing scrapes and making new scrapes. 2oz Prue Doe, Our extraordinary potent doe urine collected from premium doe, guaranteed to raise the interest of the bucks in your area. All 4 also available as a 4 pack ....simply use the arrow key at check out to choose the different available Products